About Us

MGU About Us

Mahatma Gandhi University is an institution of higher learning, duly recognized by the Higher Education Council, Ministry of Education, Republic of Rwanda. It operates as a non-profit institution, aimed at educating students as global citizens.
Mahatma Gandhi University provides a supportive learning environment, globally competitive curricula, and experienced faculty members. Students earn their degrees at their own pace, and can take their courses online or on campus. They are provided access to a wide-range of programs that will prepare them be better individuals and professionals. Members of the faculty and staff are working together in making the University a Center for Excellence in Research, Teaching, and Learning.
Mahatma Gandhi University is continuously investing on its facilities and staff members, and is currently on the forefront of using Information Communications Technologies to support learning and teaching. The blended use of e-learning with traditional learning and teaching values, provide our students a flexible and dynamic learning environment.

MGU Mission & Vision

To be a leading provider of quality education and skills training programs that will prepare individuals become effective members and leaders in todays interconnected world.

To educate and empower individuals for socio-economic and sustainable development of the country.