Admission Procedure

Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda is open for admission to all candidates who wish to go for higher education. However, the candidates have to comply with the admission conditions before taking admission in the respective degree courses. Before registering a student the student counselor;
• Gives detailed information about the university, programs offered and all the requirements needed for successful admission.
• Guides and counsels the student if he/she not decided on the course they wants to pursue.
• When the student is convinced and has settled for a course of interest, the student counselor ask for all relevant certified copies of certificates and copy of passport/ National ID
• Scrutinizes the documents for eligibility and check if the student has two principle passes in at least two related subject.
• Asks the student to complete the application form attaching 2 passport photographs.
• Ask for proof of payment of prescribed application fee.

• For taking admission in the first year of an undergraduate course or Diploma at Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda student must have successfully completed upper secondary education and have upper secondary transcripts or equivalent.

• For taking admission in Masters degree or a post graduate program at Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda student must have successfully completed bachelor degree from a recognized institution by National Higher Education Council and have university a bachelor certificate ,transcripts or equivalent.
Applicants who have completed their secondary, undergraduate or postgraduate education outside Rwanda and who wish to join MGUR at the relevant level must first obtain qualification equivalence from the relevant body (HEC, REB or WDA) that standards are consistent with the MGUR admission requirements. The qualification equivalence documents shall be submitted to the University along with certified copies of certificates.

Application Forms can be obtained from the University Campus or download here
The Prospective Candidate must hand in the following:
  • Certified Copies of the secondary school certificate/academic transcript/ undergraduate degree certificate.
  • A dully filled in Application form.
  • Two Passport size photographs.
  • A copy of Identity Proof.
  • Proof of Payment for Application Fees.
  • Evidence of sponsorship for candidates to be sponsored by the organization.
  • Application and tuition fees are paid in any of the following Bank accounts:
  • ACCESS BANK Account Name- Mahatma Gandhi University, Rwanda
  • ADDRESS: B.P. 175 Kigali, 6112, Avenue de la paix-Kigali
  • ACCESS BANK Account N°(USD) - 00257 0655633 45
  • ACCESS BANK Account N°(RWF) - 00257 0655630 42
  • Swift Code- BKIGRWRW
    For further queries, contact us at:
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