Recognition & Partnership

MGU Rwanda ( has achieved another milestone, Got accreditation from International Board of Quality Standards. It has met all requirements regarding institutional intergrity & administrative competence & legal authority to award degrees in Rwanda.

MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY RWANDA ( is an approved Institutional member of ICDE (International Council for Open and Distance Education). ICDE was founded in the year 1938 in Canada with member from more than 60 different countries, It is a leading global membership organization to enhance the quality of open , distance, flexible, e -learning and online education.

The Private Sector Federation - Rwanda (PSF) is a professional organization, dedicated to promote and represent the interests of the Rwandan business community. It is an umbrella organization that groups 9 professional chambers. It was established in December 1999.

Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda is now a member of GUIDE Association – Global Universities In Distance Education - was founded in 2005 by Marconi University (Rome, Italy) with the aim to develop and support international cooperation and open and distance learning worldwide. By strengthening the role of higher education institutions as innovation and development drivers, GUIDE promotes the implementation of innovative results, insights and best practices in order to identify present, emergent and future needs of REGIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL stakeholders and highlight potential areas for STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP and transnational cooperation.

Mahatma Gandhi University-Rwanda is a Higher Learning Institution established and recognized by Higher Education Council, Ministry of Education, Govt. of the Republic of Rwanda.

Mahatma Gandhi University-Rwanda ( is a member of esteemed organisation named Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA). It is a non-profit organization of Universities in East Africa region that facilitates maintenance of internationally comparable education standards in East Africa so as to promote the region's competitiveness in higher education.

MGU Rwanda has proudly becomes a member of Indian Association of Rwanda that is a national non-governmental organization of public interest formed in Rwanda by like minded Indian Origin living in Rwanda past couple of years to serve the entire Indian and foreign community including Rwanda nationals.

Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda is a member of Inter Nations which is the first international online community for people who live and work abroad. They enable the members to interact with other global minds in a similar situation, with comparable interests and needs.

Mahatma Gandhi University-Rwanda has been added to register the participants in United Nations Global Compact program.

Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda is listed in the Association for the Advancement of International Education , headquartered in United States, acts as a dynamic global community that provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and research concerning development in the field of international education, and school leadership and advance international education through participation with educational institutions and associations worldwide. It also helps international educators lead with vision, wisdom and integrity.

MGU Rwanda is listed as an Associate Member in the Association of African Universities , an apex organization and forum for consultation, exchange of information and co-operation among institutions of higher education in Africa.

Mahatma Gandhi University ( is pleased to announce its listing at International Association of Universities' World Higher Education database ( as of Sept 2016, a UNESCO based worldwide association of over 18000 educational institutions in 184 countries.