Our Online Tutors

Anchal Jain

The Mahatma Gandhi University embraces different people from different nationalities that make it a global community for diverse learning. The University helps students to develop their technical skills to the fullest extent. Mahatma Gandhi University aims to provide all to facilities for the students like faculties, events, sports, cultural and technical festivals etc. in order to bring out all round development of the students. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gives students an opportunity to excel in their area of interest. The 6+ years I have spent here were splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally & personally.

Poonam Sharma

Mahatma Gandhi University has very wonderful faculty and they are very cooperative. Mahatma Gandhi University focuses on harnessing the potentials, helping in skills development, and building confidence of students. It is a unique platform to learn technical skills from the experiences of the teachers and industrial visits. The guidance to understand and work on current technologies helps students to achieve success. My 3 years of experience with the University helped me see the academics from a different perspective as continuous support system of students.

Sachin Kumar

Mahatma Gandhi University educates students in a very creative way and encourages them to think out of the box. However, the University not only helps students to excel in the academic field, but also teaches them a lot about different cultures and how to appreciate them. The multicultural environment that is unique to Mahatma Gandhi University provides students and staff with the opportunity to become friends with people from all different corners of the world. The University aims at enhancing Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. So it’s a big platform to learn skill enhancement and to get a great learning experience. The University has helped me to enlarge my knowledge base and my connection around the world, in teaching community.

Prateek Gupta

The Mahatma Gandhi University not only provides formal education but also builds the career of the students. The Department of Management teaches the art of involvement and adaptability along with applications based knowledge that helps to tackle the uncertain situations of life. The learning in the classroom and interaction with industry experts gives students the confidence to manage any business situation and the industrial visits provide exposure to the students. My 4 years’ experience with the University has also helped me shape my teaching skills, soft skills and leadership skills.

Lekhram Prajapati

Our world is a global village where education plays a very crucial and wide role in every person’s life. From infrastructure to the faculties, from events to the training and placement, Mahatma Gandhi University focuses on the holistic picture of the students. The teaching approach of the faculties is modern and dynamic which fits the need of all the students. Students are taught and guided to perform all the theoretical aspects of IT and computer science practically. My 3+ year’s association with the University has shown me the best for the students and the teacher’s growth. I feel extremely honoured to be a part of this prestigious University.

Krishna Dutta

There is no better way to pay back to the society than providing the most desired and important infrastructure in the form of modern education. Here at MGU, we tend to build a resourceful individual out of a naive human, rendering them the wisdom which will lead to broader perspective of life. We aim to unearth every student’s talent and provide opportunities which will enable them to discover something excited and enthusiastic for them by which the learning and buoyancy are always at par with each other. The academics and extracurricular activities at MGU, add a remarkable educational experience in student’s life.

Isha Sharma

Teachers are the social entities of the society because they groom the society with their immense potential of imparting knowledge and education. The contemporary generation is privileged to have technology and new teaching methods; and it's our responsibility to extract the essence of it. We inculcate students in various activities apart from teaching so that their thought process is independent to the apprehensions and they develop sensitivity within themselves. At MGU the content and the teaching methodologies used are structured in such a fashion that it gives myriad practical exposure to the students.


Every student has a potential of doing one thing or other. The role of the educational institution is to develop a process where the obvious as well as hidden potential of a student cannot only be identified but harnessed under the expert guidance of teachers. The University in coming years is gearing up to give some excellent results. I am proud of MGU team who are teaching students from all over the world. The University is improving year by year envisaging to become a top notch University that is already known to produce quality scholars for the country.

Sanjay Kumar

I am confident that with the concerted efforts of team MGU, the University will scale to greater heights of excellence in the years to come. MGU plays a vital role in producing world class engineers and management professionals required to meet the demands of the fast changing global society. Our goal is impacting value to the society through globally competent technocrats, with the primary objective of providing quality education through long term value creation.


MGU is committed to achieve excellence in technical, management education & research and assesses the success and leadership of its programs using the highest standards of quality, innovation and visibility. Our goal is to be the most preferred choice of students, faculty and industry and to be in the top 10 in every discipline of education, engineering and management. Our aim is to achieve global leadership in human development and excellence in education.


Today’s corporate world demands individuals who are not only skilled but are innovative thinkers and are confident enough to face everyday challenges. We at MGU offer programs for holistic development of our students. We make them intellectually adept & socially and technically sound through brain storming sessions, seminars, discussions, case studies, project presentations and other events. These activities would promisingly strengthen the overall knowledge and skills of our students and present them with the required organizational acumen.


I am working as a faculty of ‘Accounts and Finance’ in MGU for last more than 3 years. I would like to confess that this University is unique in many ways. “In MGU all teachers’ contact numbers are open and communication with parents and students are a regular routine. Even my contact number is provided to parents from the beginning of the school year, and they can feel free to call me and discuss what is going on with their child at any point in time." This is one of the unique innovative technique has been implemented by the MGU to monitor and control education.


I truly believe that MGU is an excellent University to foster great course instructors. I have taught a variety of courses in MGU. Although each class has different course structures with students at varying levels, my basic goal is to stimulate historical thinking and to provide students with the tools for their future education by keeping in view the history. Various projects offer to pass out students so that they can have live experience in their related field. Faculties at MGU are engaged in interdisciplinary research involving partnerships with colleagues across the University and beyond.

Avdesh Kumar

MGU is home to internationally-recognized faculty and students. Faculties in MGU have been presented with a wide variety of projects, honors and awards over the years from various ministries. Our faculty and graduate students consistently produce high-impact research in computer science and attract attention far beyond the discipline. More and more focus is given on the practical and live learning method with a specially trained team of teachers. I have been teaching various Universities but I found MGU teaching methodology is different that makes students more active and skilled.


Students at Mahatma Gandhi University, Rwanda can get extensive support from the teaching and non-department. This is further reinforced by student support services, a strong network of student leaders and scheduled tutorials to help those who need additional assistance and support. I am associated with the University for last 4 years to impart online teaching. I feel very proud as a team member of University. Students support services are very active in the University campus.