Our Governance

Dr. Rajan Chopra
President/ Chancellor

Welcome to Mahatma Gandhi University in Rwanda!
You have joined an institution that continues to work towards providing you quality and excellent education. You have my highest assurances that we will work together in fulfilling your dreams, as we strive to nurture your potential as individuals and future leaders.
We aspire to be a center of excellence. As we anticipate the needs of our students in today’s interconnected world, we continue to work on creating a learning environment that supports research and innovation in education.
We are committed to building excellence in the entrepreneurial skills and effective use of technology, giving emphasis on “innovation, research, and excellence.”
We are embarking on a challenging journey ahead of us by investing more on areas that will enable us to serve you better. As we continue to grow, we are honored to have you.
Dr. Rajan Chopra

Dr. Vince Sinining

It is an honor and a privilege to be part of Mahatma Gandhi University in Rwanda. From the ground up, I am excited to work with the rest of our faculty and staff members in providing our students quality education, training, and research.
Our new campus in Rwanda provides the environment and resources that will nurture and develop our students as potential leaders and key players in our society.
Mahatma Gandhi University – Rwanda utilizes technology as an important tool in the future of higher education, and puts emphasis on its role in shaping learning. Our online education provides our students globally-competitive curricula and supervision from our well-trained faculty members. We are here to work with our students to take full advantage of the rich resources available online, as well as from our collections of books, modules, and reading materials.
We continue to find innovative ways in achieving our goal of becoming a Center of Excellence in Research, Teaching, and Learning. We will continue to invest our time and resources in finding ways to provide you excellent academic programs, advanced technologies, state-of-the-art facilities, a caring and supportive environment, as well as a safe and interactive learning experience.
Very truly yours,
Dr. Vince Sinining

Dr. Varun Gupta
Deputy Vice-Chancellor / Director

The technological advancements that we face as a global society today are changing fast the way we live. At Mahatma Gandhi University – Rwanda, we take advantage of the latest internet communication technologies in shaping learning. We are aware that education, politics, management, economics, and science are interrelated and together comprise the ecological system in which we live.
The sustainable development of Rwanda relies on the health and education of the people who will continue the legacy of good governance and socio-economic development. Thus, we at Mahatma Gandhi University are working to provide resources and opportunities for all members to work and make meaningful contributions, to cultivate tolerance and respect for differences, and to prepare the future generation of leaders and key players in today’s interconnected world.
Mahatma Gandhi University-Rwanda continues to develop academic programs and resources, as well as a variety of co-curricular programs that provide insights into a wide range of professional settings where students and researchers are doing work relevant to the sustainable development of the country.
We look forward to working with you, and we invite you to visit our website regularly for updates and announcements, as well as our main campus in Kabuga.
Respectfully yours,
Dr. Varun Gupta
Deputy Vice-Chancellor / Director