Research and Development

Mahatma Gandhi University Research and Development Department was set up to act as a venue for our students to learn, improve, and polish their skills in the field of research and help enrich their skills by thinking in advance, develop solution relevant to the needs of the society and community, and find solutions to the pressing issues of the time. We provide training programs to develop early career researcher and build good research practice to confirm the academic and professional development of our students.

MGUR Research and Development Department provides specialist advice to our students in order to maximize its research edge by ensuring fresh and exciting solutions capable of creating cutting-edge expertise in fields that are anticipated to be of vital importance for student’s future.

Ongoing Project (April – July 2017): MGUR Academic Research and Development


Academic Research and Development is an academic journal that will be published on a quarterly basis beginning August 2017. Its scope will be in the field of research and development under the various academic programs offered by the University.

The Research Section assigns highest priority in reviewing manuscripts and scholarly works of the students.

The Development Section publishes research conducted by the students. Empirically based formative evaluations and theoretically based research papers are welcome, as are papers that report outcomes of innovative ideas. Papers for the Development section may involve a variety of research methods and should focus on one aspect of the instructional development process or more.

The Cultural and Regional Perspectives Section welcomes innovative research about concepts or ideas specific to a culture or region. Papers published in this section include quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods articles and reviews drawing on relevant theories, empirical evidence, and critical analyses of the findings, implications, and conclusions within a cultural context.